I am fairly proud to present you with my latest effort so far,!

Being music and development among my main interests, what's better than blending them in order to write a tribute to one of my favourite genres?

There I go through almost fifty albums, from the roots to the latest acts, not without taking care of its most brilliant period.

The project was born in mid 2012 as a blog, then I realised how cluttered the web is with out of date, subpar writing places. New bands promote themselves on a plethora of channels (social networks, spotify, bandcamp...), and so do estabilished acts.

I feel then more comfortable writing retrospectives, rather than providing second or third hand information: with all the revival that came up in the recent years (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, Swervedriver, back on stage!), I am definitely delighted to write extensively about such wonderful artists, taking advantage of what Web gives us.

So thanks to Discogs for being an unbeatable data source, to the Youtube users who let everybody reach the gorgeous music (which is the best way to eventually buy the records themselves), to the open-source community that makes indipendent development a beautiful place to be.

(don't worry, non italian speakers: you find an english version here.)